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As a woman traveler, you may have heard a number of horror stories urging you not to travel to certain places. However, not every country is unsafe for women, with
a number of destinations actually encouraging women to visit and have the time of their lives. With the help of strict regulation and safety measures, numerous countries are completely safe for women to vacation in. Here are the 10 safest destinations for female travelers.

10 safest destinations for women travelers

Women can freely travel to these destinations around the world, without having major safety concerns

  • United States of America
    Whether you’re looking to roam busy streets or stroll along peaceful country roads, the US has it all. Many states in the US are safe for women, whether your plan is to engage in adventure activities, interact with residents or enjoy a night out in a pub.
  • Italy
    Definitely, on the bucket list of many around the world, Italy is the perfect destination for a female group or solo travelers.
  • Amsterdam
    Amsterdam is a haven for tourists, with a laid back atmosphere, perfect for sitting down on scenic park benches to take in the view, or a great nightlife. Many women travelers prefer Amsterdam for a vacation that screams fun and relaxation.
  • Australia
    Another great holiday destination, Australia is known for its beaches, cosmopolitan cities, quaint country towns, wildlife, and delicious food. Women travelers can enjoy a fun time in groups or by themselves.
  • Iceland
    Iceland is a truly scenic destination, with geothermal hot springs, volcanic landscapes, and majestic waterfalls. What better, the opportunity to see the Northern Lights with a female friend group, of course.
  • Thailand
    Thailand is great for a budget-friendly holiday, with women travelers feeling safe. A great destination for shopping, adventure, and overall rejuvenation, there’s a lot to do in the country.
  • Dubai
    Dubai, with its tall buildings and the cosmopolitan outlook, is a great tourist destination in the world. You can shop, eat, and visit must-see places, interacting with friendly locals along the way.
  • Mauritius
    Imagine, the bright blue sea, white sands, a beach chair, and a chilled drink. Mauritius is scenic, and a great place to spend your next vacation, rejuvenating away from hectic city life, without the hassle of large crowds.
  • Hong Kong
    With its hoard of sightseeing destinations and shopping centers, Hong Kong is a tourist hub, frequented by travelers from across the globe. Choose to relax in the suburban center and visit the islands nearby for a fun time.
  • Sri Lanka
    For a cultural experience blended with picturesque views, Sri Lanka is the place to go for women travelers. Great for a budgeted trip, you can travel with friends, or even by yourself, and explore everything that Sri Lanka has to offer.

As a women traveler, you aren’t restricted to destinations but have a number of options to choose your dream vacation from. A travel agency can help plan your entire holiday, using their expertise to ensure you remain safe and have a unique itinerary with memories to last a lifetime.

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